Trouble Shooting for Gas Fire Pit


Similar to how gas ovens and heaters require careful handling, fire pits are also gas appliances that necessitate stringent safety measures during both installation and usage. It is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines provided in the installation and operation instructions. Many issues that arise are often due to neglecting these detailed specifications, rather than faults with the components themselves.
Our products are of the highest quality, and we confidently back their manufacturing integrity. Since they are mechanical components without moving parts, most problems are typically linked to incorrect installation rather than component failure. Please refer to the list below to identify common issues; it might help you troubleshoot and ensure your fire pit operates correctly.

Problem: I pushed the ignitor but there’s no spark

  • Possible Cause
    • There is no battery installed in the ignition
    • The battery in the ignition is low
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Install or replace batteries

Problem: Burner will not light

  • Possible Cause
    • No gas flow
    • The air supply valve is not opened or is not fully opened
    • Obstruction of gas flow
    • Disengagement of burner to valve
    • Incorrect assembly
    • The igniter is dirty
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Check to see if propane tank is empty.
    • Ensure that the gas supply valve is fully open. If using a propane tank, make sure it is not empty and securely connected.
    • Clear burner tube.
    • Reengage burner and valve.
    • Check steps in assembly Instructions.
    • Remove any debris or dirt from the igniter or electrode, as this can hinder the ignition process. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean these components.

Problem:Flame cannot be maintained, once the knob is released, the flame will extinguish

  • Possible Cause
    • Carbon deposits on the surface of thermocouples or burner gas outlets
    • Excessive distance between the thermocouple affects gas sensing
  • Prevention/Solution
    • With the fire pit cooling down, gently wipe the thermocouple box and burner with a tissue or small cloth
    • Gently shake the thermocouple box

Problem: Sudden drop in gas flow or low flame

  • Possible Cause
    • Out of gas
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Check for gas in propane tank.
    • Turn off gas control knob, wait 30 seconds and light oven. If flames are still low, turn off gas control knob and propane tank valve. Disconnect regulator. Reconnect regulator and leak test. Turn on propane tank valve, wait 30 seconds and then light fire pit.

Problem: Flames blow out

  • Possible Cause
    • High or gusting winds
    • Low on propane gas
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Move the firepit to a place with less wind to use.
    • Refill propane tank.
    • Refer to Sudden drop in gas flow Above.

Problem: Flashback (fire in burner tube, roaring sound from burner)

  • Possible Cause
    • Burner and/or burner tubes are blocked
    • Pressure drop during ignition
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Turn gas control knob off. Clean burner and/or burner tubes.
    • Turn off fire pit, ensure the tank valve is fully open (if applicable) and relight.

Problem: Whistling Noise

  • Possible Cause
    • Flex line routing to much gas
    • SupplyImproper gas line size
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Ensure flex lines do not have sharp bends.
    • Decrease gas supply have plumber adjust gas line size.

Problem: Fire Pit Won't Stay Lit

  • Possible Cause
    • Debris in gas line
    • Leaks in the gas line
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Purge gas line of air, debris.
    • Test all connections, have plumber ensure proper sealing.

Problem: Soot Build-Up

  • Possible Cause
    • Not enough oxygen ventilation
  • Prevention/Solution
    • Include properly sized air mixer orifice ensures proper ventilation
There's a unique sense of comfort that comes from gathering around a beautiful flame with close friends and family. To ensure your gas fire pit continues to provide joy for many years, it's important to keep it running safely and efficiently. Many of the common issues mentioned above are easily rectifiable and have straightforward solutions. If you have any more questions or encounter problems with your gas fire pit, please don't hesitate to contact us.




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